Our first website, horseracingbuzz.net was registered in 2010. It was a while before we did anything much with it. Acquiring the tools of the trade, developing skills in designing, developing and maintaining a website was a completely new concept and a steep learning curve. At that time, it was no more than a personal pastime. It was a number of years before it would become a commercial enterprise and a viable small business.

It took some time but we managed to mould that first attempt into a successful website that continues to attract thousands of loyal visitors daily. From there, we expanded and built new websites, mostly associated with horse racing. Some projects have worked out well while others have come and gone. We’re not afraid to try something new or to move on if it doesn’t perform as we had hoped.

We have a number of horse racing tipping websites, the best known of which is certainly horseracingsouthamerica.com. This website attracted a lot of attention within the industry when we successfully highlighted numerous high price winners, most notably Mount Nelson – a 100/1 winner for us at Club Hipico Santiago, Chile. To this day, our selections are closely monitored by bookmakers and significantly influence the markets.

We have dabbled with affiliate sales and our medium term aim is to move into direct sales with niche websites selling special interest products.

Essentially, we are horse racing fans (we especially love sporting history) and we are also entrepreneurs and businessmen. We enjoy building and managing web spaces. Mostly, we love what we do and we hope you’ll love what we make.