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Our first venture into direct sales!

Like many kids growing up in the 1970s and 80s, we discovered and enjoyed the wartime tales of heroic feats and derring-do that spilled from the pages of Commando comics. More recently, we re-discovered them still going strong after more than sixty years of continuous publication.

Obviously, a market for these stories still existed. Not only for the new titles but also for the more than 5000 editions that now comprise the back catalogue. What was also apparent was that not only were new generations of fans discovering these books but that they have also become quite collectable by nostalgia-seeking adults. Whilst most titles are inexpensive and accessible, some early editions are now trading for hundreds of pounds.

Although there are a number of fansites and Facebook pages dedicated to Commando and copies are to be found for sale on auction and pre-owned sales sites, we couldn’t find any websites specialising in the sale of collectable pre-owned Commando. There are lots of online comic book stores dedicated to the collectors of Spider-Man, Batman or Manga, so why not Commando?

We decided to fill that void, initially selling off the vast accumulation of Commando comics we had personally acquired over the years and was born!